XtrAct Drama Academy presents

2024 Mid-Year Performance

29 Jun 2024 Showing at The Art House Studio



A Twisted Fairytale, A Prison City and a Summer Camp Nightmare walk into a theatre…

XtrAct Players present: Goldilocks and the Ring of Karma

Goldilocks is on a mission to return the Ring of Karma to its rightful home. In her way stands three cranky bears, a power hungry fairy godmother and a homesick Goblin.

XtrAct Boardtreaders present: Welcome to Abbotville

Welcome to the town of Abbottville in the year 2050. At one time a small city, Abbottville is now a living penitentiary where cement walls, fifty foot high, are designed to keep the undesirables of Abbotville prison, incarcerated. Here, the Post Master reigns. Here, Alitha will unlock the secret of her past and set herself free.

XtrAct Barnstormers present: Ballad of Bartie McFlurrow

Bartie is undertaking an email campaign to have their parents set them free from the nightmare that is Camp Erratum. Subjected to a fascist camp cook, an insta-influencer camp psychologist, and an enterprising capitalist arts and craft director, Barties woes are set to increase as Mr and Mrs McFlurrow decide to extend their round the world second honeymoon. Will Bartie ever escape the nightmare?


The Art House Studio


Sat 29 Jun 2024 - 12:30PM

Important Information

Duration: 2 hours
For accessible/wheelchair bookings please call the Box Office


Adult: $30.00
Student: $15.00
Child under 18: $15.00

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