Meet The Artists

Artists supported in our Creatives Program include professional developments and projects that are in their first or second stage of development. This year sees the Art House producing its first work to full production.

All projects are headed by Central Coast based Artists and are from a wide range of artforms from musical theatre, dance, poetry, visual arts, clowning, music, circus, theatre, digital, literature and more.


Top: Alicia Gonzalez, Andrew Worboys & Cypress Bartlett, Hitlon Denis, Emily Taylor, The Nano Symphony - Catherine & Neil Thompson
Middle: Grant Molony & Will Small, Ian Wells, Christine Johnson, Dorian Mode
Bottom: Ross Mueller & Vanessa Bates, Joel Leggett, Curtain Bounce – Ruth Tiffen & Andrew Sampford, Danielle Brame Whiting


Top: Ruth Tiffen and Andrew Sampford, Andrew Worboys and Cypress Bartlett, John AD Fraser, Kat Alexander, Joshua Maxwell, Melinda Arnold and Jerry Retford
Middle: Yantra de Vilder, Alex Alexander, Luke William Wright, Danielle Brame Whiting, Mike McCarthy, Kassidy Waters, Kris Reddaway
Bottom: Luke Gallen, Daniel Widdowson, Stuart Smith, Hilton Denis, Marnie Lane, Sophia Ndaba, Emily Taylor, Will Small