The Art House and MMAD presents

The Street Poets

19 Oct 2018 Showing at The Art House

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What does it sound like when the next generation speak up about what truly matters?

The Street Poets is a group of inspiring young artists who are choosing to speak out about some of the important issues in society.

These 10 poets will leave you in awe as they communicate from the heart. The show will incorporate music, poetry, lighting and dramatisation that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.

The poets include, Andrew Cox, Samm Tracy, Imke Bester, Brittany Rampage, Roje Ndayambaje, Olivia Wolfe, Rachael Williams, Marissa Niven, Brayden Chou-lee, and Dylan Nuan. We will also have some talented musicians join us including Jennifer Hakin and Rohan Parry.

Join us on October 20 for an amazing night!

The Street Poets



Marissa Niven

is an aspiring writer specializing in short stories and spoken word poetry. Born and raised on the Central Coast, this young up-and-comer has a story to tell and a powerful voice. Having come fourth in the Gosford heat of the Australian Poetry Slam, this girl knows how to connect with an audience. Speaking from the heart, her poetry reflects personal experiences and advocates for causes she is passionate about such as feminism, mental health awareness, and equality. She aims to use her voice to shed light on topics that others may not wish to touch on. When she isn’t drowning in assignments, Marissa can be seen performing at local poetry nights at The Lounge Room.

Olivia Wolfe

Olivia Wolfe is a wannabe author, poet and poor Uni student. As a part of the Street Poet’s initiative she can be found creating poetry that packs a punch. She believes every voice matters and tries to use her own as an agent of change. Her work deals with themes of faith, feminism and Australian culture. Wolfe is studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Writing at Newcastle University.She pulls her inspiration from micro and macro moments of her everyday life.



Rachael Williams

Rach is an 18-year-old human, who is a proud queer woman of the LGBTQ+ community. She has been performing spoken word poetry at Central Coast, Sydney and Wollongong slams since she was 16. A nerd of film and theatre, and an aspiring actress/writer/director - her passion lies in the arts. Rach SpeaksUp! about social justice, emotional wellbeing and young people’s issues amongst sharing her own personal journey of life and love. She dreams of having healthy conversations with language that empowers people. Exciting things are coming for this fiery poetess. Rach is a lover, not a fighter.


Cast & Creatives



Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox is a writer from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.The past 5 years performing poetry has been a journey taking him to various prominent stages including the Art Gallery of NSW, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Town Hall, Parliament House Canberra. Andrew writes, not to be just another voice, but an important one. Andrew performs, to see others engage with more than the mundane. Bigger than Art, Andrew uses poetry to connect with people, communicate stories that need to be heard, and inspire.




Brayden Chou-LEE

Brayden Chou-Lee AKA Rage began purely as a Hip-Hop artist, but has acquired a taste for poetry over the years. Now he’s developed into somebody with a purpose. A purpose to educate the young, connect with the old and tell all inbetween exactly how he sees it. Despite his confidence on stage, Rage maintains his humility and aims to assist those around him in their daily lives. Rage started as one of the many youth attending workshops run by Musicians Making A Difference. Now an ambassador for MMAD, his passion for giving help to those who need it has come to light.


Brittany Ramage

Brittany Ramage is a 20-year-old aspiring poet. She began writing poetry in October 2016 after she left an abusive relationship. Brittany’s other interests include: reading, feminism, listening to Blink-182 and petting dogs.


Imke Bester

Teen poet and self taught spoken word artist Imke is constantly jumping from English class to the stage. Although she is new on the scene and fresh to the art, she has a lot of soul to share. Always writing from a personal space, Imke is an advocate for mental health awareness, human rights, spreading love and much more. She’s a passionate powerhouse performer with a heart for people and poetry.







The Art House
19-21 Margaret Street
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Fri 19 Oct 2018 - 7:30PM



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