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Summer at The Art House presents

The Owl's Apprentice

10 Jan - 12 Jan 2024 Showing at The Art House Studio

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The Art House Presents

a Little Wing Puppets production

The Owl's Apprentice 

as part of the Summer@ The Art House program

Owls aren’t born wise you know, they have to learn it from somewhere. A young owl named Poot Poot is sent to study at Owl school. He’s not like the other owls: he misses his family, he just wants to go home. He knows the only way he can go home is by gaining “wisdom,” but he doesn’t know what that is yet. 

On his journey he meets animals who share with him their own special kind of wisdom. He meets a wombat who shows him persistence. He meets a Lyrebird who teaches him about listening carefully. He meets a Kookaburra who shares with him the value of humour. He meets an echidna who shares about resilience and a platypus who shows him how to accept himself and his own differences. 

Poot Poot finds out that wisdom isn’t just one thing, it’s a collection of many things you learn every day. But will he pass the final test and become wise enough to save the forest? The Owl's Apprentice is a lively, funny, interactive solo show combining shadow puppetry and physical comedy.

As well as a gorgeous voyage into the realm of shadow puppetry, The Owl's Apprentice is about our Australian animals and gaining wisdom. The show is a creative springboard to scaffold learning from the Drama, Visual Arts and Science curriculum as well as the Ethical and Critical & Creative thinking capabilities. 

Performed by Jenny Ellis, a puppeteer of more than twenty years, who weaves the whole story together with a single set of hands, playing multiple characters at once. Shadow puppetry workshops are available, tailored for various ages.

Workshop available as part of a show + workshop package: $22.00

Shadow Puppets: Playing with Light Workshop Thursday 11th January 11.15AM + Friday 12th January 11.15AM

*note: parents do not require a workshop ticket but will require an adult ticket for admission to the show

Cast & Creatives

Performance Title: The Owl’s Apprentice

Company name: Little Wing Puppets

Performed by: Jenny Ellis

Written by: Jenny Ellis & Anne Brooksbank

Directed by: Jacob Williams & Clare Batholomew

Music by: Kelly Ryall & Greg Sheehan 

Puppetry mentoring by: Richard Bradshaw

Lighting Design by: Danny Pettinglll

Puppets and Sets by: Jenny Ellis, Dayna Morrissey, Freya Pitt, Lois Conlan and Jeremy Lavender


“I really liked the show... it was awesome and really funny. I’ve learnt a few things from your performance…it’s okay to be different and to never give up! I give your shadow puppet show a 10/10." - Veronica, aged 8, Seymour Centre, NSW

“I loved The Owl's Apprentice. It was excellent." - Erica, aged 7 years, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta

“Excellent show, fun and educational." - Kellie, audience member from Burrinja Arts Centre

 "Very enjoyable for young (5) and old (83)!"- Pip, audience member from Upper Yarra Arts Centre

 "So Clever! For kids and adults!" - Anna, audience member from Warrnambool Lighthouse Theatre

"Students were fascinated by the puppets and enthralled by the story. Jenny was very professional and approachable. Her love of children and her craft was delightful." - Carolyn Sismanes, Performance Coordinator, Thomastown Primary 


The Art House Studio


Wed 10 Jan 2024 - 6PM

Thu 11 Jan 2024 - 10AM

Thu 11 Jan 2024 - 1PM

Fri 12 Jan 2024 - 10AM

Important Information

Duration: 40 minutes plus a post show Q&A
Recommended age: 4-10 year olds


Adult: $15.00
Encore Members: $12.00
Child under 12: $12.00
Family of 4 (2A,2C or 1A,3C): $50.00
Vacation care: $10.00
Workshop & Show package: $22.00

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