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Scaredy Cat - Puppet Workshop

25 Jan 2022 Showing at The Art House Theatre

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There’s a puppet in my kitchen!


Tasmanian contemporary puppet theatre company Terrapin welcomes you to this fun, surprising and inventive object theatre workshop that reveals the puppets hiding in your kitchen, bathroom and home office! Led by the cast of Scaredy Cat, participants are invited to bring an object from home (or work with one that is supplied), and transform this everyday household item into a superstar secret celebrity of the domestic world! 


This 90-minute object-theatre workshop focuses on creative play, in particular re-imagining and bringing to life common everyday items found around the house. Inspired by the creativity shown by many parents, guardians and carers during lockdown, this workshop reflects many peoples experience of repurposing and finding a new life in the most familiar of household items.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to the techniques of object theatre where participants learn to bring an object to life, which is then followed by simple storytelling and character activities. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants are invited to perform a 2-minute sequence of their story for the other participants, describing the personality and adventures of your new and improved household character!

This workshop is designed by Sam Routledge, Terrapin’s Artistic Director and Bryony Anderson, Resident Puppet Maker and will be led by the cast of Scaredy Cat, all expert object manipulators. 

Limited to 20 spots!

* Note the workshop is only available when purchased as a package with entry for your child to the performance of Scaredy Cat.

Cast & Creatives

Director: Sam Routledge

Original Design: Bryony Anderson

Led by: Noah Casey, Lucy McDonald, Bella Young

Image credit: Peter Mathew


The Art House Theatre


Tue 25 Jan 2022 - 11:30AM

Important Information

Duration: 90 minutes no interval


Workshop + Show Package: $30.00
*Note: workshop only available when purchased as a package with the show

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