Luke William Wright


Mandocello is a rather unknown instrument that traditionally play the part of violoncello within the mandolin family. It is almost always used as an accompaniment to lead instruments, often sitting in the background playing simple parts. As such, the instrument fell out of fashion saw very limited production after the 1920’s. 

The vision for this project is to use the instrument as a lead instrument, to show that Mandocello is a versatile and intriguing voice within the family of string instruments. As there isn’t much music written specifically for it in this role, Luke will be recording his own compositions that he has worked on over many years. 


  • Hunter Beasley – Mandolin
  • Jono B Smith – Violin
  • Naomi Jones – Violin
  • James Church – Dobro
  • Brennan Fell – Double Bass
  • Pietro Cernuto – Sicilian flute and bagpipes
  • Andrew Beck – Audio Technician