Andrew Worboys and Cypress Bartlett


The Silent Flute – is a new musical about a man who forgot to breathe. 

The story of Bruce Lee, told from the point of view of his son Brandon Lee within the ethereal plane known as 'The Bardo', a state believed by Buddhists to exist after one's death. 

Ultimately Bruce must judge whether he has lived a life worth remembering.

A fusion of styles from rock opera to funk and urban beats, the Silent Flute is a project that was started over 20 years ago and in the midst of covid was reignited. 


  • Lena Cruz
  • Jonathan Chan
  • Luke Leong Tay
  • Jerrod Smith
  • Brittanie Shipway
  • Charli Lucas
  • Konrad Ball - Bass
  • Michael Napoli - Guitars
  • Dylan Pollard - 2nd Keys