The Art House Presents

The Arrow Of Song

A Song Company Production
Friday 10 Aug
Showing in the Theatre
Pricing Information
Child (12 & under)

From early chant to contemporary forms of a cappella singing, The Arrow of Song takes audiences on a fascinating journey of how “a cappella” has transformed itself over thousands of years of rich musical history. Exquisitely curated and performed, this is an experience that will encourage people of all ages to find their voice in the ongoing story of a cappella. The Song Company is Australia's leading vocal ensemble, singing music of all times and places. 

 The Arrow of Song draws on many years of research by the Company to capture the long and fascinating history of unaccompanied vocal music in a chronological concert program. Both informative and entertaining, the concert captures how harmony and notation have developed into many styles and genres over the last two thousand years.

Performed to audiences of all ages, the program includes optional spoken narration by the singers, telling the story of the development of vocal music down the ages.

 Part 1: Origins to 1600

Composers include Plainchant, von Bingen, de Cluny, Isaac and Monteverdi

Part 2: 1600 to Now
Composers include Purcell, Brahms, Hindemith, Cage, Berio and McCartney

From its beginnings in 1984, The Song Company remains at the forefront of contemporary vocal music, with an extensive commissioning program and collaborations with artists and composers of the highest calibre from around the world. The ensemble tours nationally and internationally.

The Company has a longstanding commitment to education, with regular school performances and music workshops which can be incorporated into its touring schedule.

From 2016 the ensemble has been led by the British composer, conductor, producer, and lecturer Antony Pitts, whose award-winning career has taken him from the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace, to the forefront of the Australian music scene as Artistic Director of The Song Company.




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