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Man With The Iron Neck

4 Sep 2021 Showing at The Art House Theatre

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The Art House Presents 

Legs On The Wall's


Written by Ursula Yovich from an original work by Josh Bond, Directed by Josh Bond and Gavin Robins

Fresh from critically acclaimed presentations in four major Australian festivals Man With The Iron Neck is a tale of love, loss, resilience and hope brought to life by soaring aerial feats. This is emotionally charged physical theatre at its best.
In an AFL-mad Aussie bush community three young friends Bear, Evelyn and Ash have big dreams for the future. But when one of their lives is cut short, how do the other two find hope and ultimately choose to survive, instead of meeting the same fate?
Based on an original work by Josh Bond, written by national treasure actor/singer/writer Ursula Yovich, together Gavin Robins and Josh Bond direct this incredible cast of rising star Indigenous performers. Man With The Iron Neck interweaves extraordinary aerial and physical feats with a beautifully written narrative, which entraps us in its tender and intimate world, while at the same time conjuring a rich epic and sometimes hyperreal landscape with its visual design.

Both heart-warming and heart-breaking this touching story is about choosing to embrace life and find hope through grief. The morning star comes to signal that even at your darkest hour, there is hope.


This work contains adult themes and references to suicide that may be distressing to some audience members.

2019 Helpmann Award nomination for Best Physical and Visual Theatre


Cast & Creatives


Co-Director & Original Concept Josh Bond
Co-Director Gavin Robins
Playwright Ursula Yovich
Senior Creative Producer Cecily Hardy
Legs On The Wall Artistic Director Joshua Thomson
Composers Iain Grandage & Steve Francis
Set Designer Joey Ruigrok
Lighting Designer Matt Marshall
Costume Designer Emma Vine
Video Designer Sam James
Sound Designers Michael Toisuta with Jed Silver
Dramaturge Steve Rodgers
Cultural Consultant for tour David Cole




“With a script by Ursula Yovich alternating between naturalistic dialogue and poetic monologues, stunning visual design… and extraordinary physical performances by the cast… this piece gives the audience 80 minutes of gripping, confronting and moving physical theatre at its best.” THE CONVERSATION, Sept 2018

“Here is a play with the physicality and efficiency of a contemporary dance work. It maintains its momentum throughout, and the aerial sequences are expertly blocked and executed.” THE AUSTRALIAN, Sept 2018

“One of the most significant new works of theatre in this past decade” BROADWAY WORLD, Sept 2018
“...gripping, confronting and moving physical theatre at its best.” The Conversation, Sept 2018 "heartbreakingly good.” "astonishes with its aerial feats.”
“Local, meaningful, soaked in reality and beautifully produced, this is the kind of theatre Australia needs." THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, Jan 2019
“As visually stunning as it is deeply moving”, THE AUSTRALIAN, Sept 2019
“One of the most significant new works of theatre in this past decade” BROADWAY WORLD, Sept 2018
“★★★★★Five stars - The playful scenes with the jeering kids hit the mark, dusting the play with the lightness and warmth the narrative needs to counter all the darkness and despair. Theatre such as this is so important as it demands we emotionally connect. While statistics can lose meaning, this play cuts through the numbers and requires us to engage with the devastation. We know that death by suicide is but one manifestation of the continued effect of colonialism and dispossession on Australia’s First Nations people. Man With The Iron Neck unapologetically ask us to face up to our nation’s dark history as we walk together towards a path of healing and reconciliation. THE MUSIC, August 2019.
“★★★★★Five stars - This is not an easy play to watch, but is crafted and performed skilfully with a message of hope for the future… The message of keeping going in the face of obstacles is strong. THE MAN WITH THE IRON NECK is an important and brave show that is a starting point for further conversation on healing.” THE AU REVIEW, March 2019
★★★★½ This is a powerful piece of theatre with a message. It focuses on Australia's Indigenous people but reaches out to the community as a whole. SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Jan 2019.
“Co-directed by Josh Bond and Gavin Robins with a terrific cast of indigenous Australian actors, including Ursula Yovich, this an extremely moving, poignant and spectacular production about something that is relevant and important to us all.” STAGE WHISPERS, March 2019
“There are the usual thrilling aerial gymnastics and stunning visual and sound elements that are characteristic of this company. However, all these are subservient to Ursula Yovich’s play, a dramatic narrative about youth suicide. The sensitive way this has been treated by all involved makes this more than about indigenous concerns but powerfully embraces the entire issue of youth suicide”. STAGE WHISPERS, March 2019
“A visually stunning, utterly heartbreaking and incredibly important piece of theatre – Man With the Iron Neck will have you gasping in wonder at its high-flying actors one minute and wrenching at your heart strings the next.” GLAM ADELAIDE, March 2019
“★★★★½ The physical theatre piece is by turns confronting, heart-warming and devastating – but ultimately hopeful” LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE, Jan 2019


The Art House Theatre


Sat 04 Sep 2021 - 8PM

Important Information

Duration: 1 hr 20 mins no interval
This work contains adult themes and references to suicide that may be distressing to some audience members.
Recommended age: 16+ years
Contains strong language, fog and smoke effects.

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