Dine and Discover Voucher Information

18 Mar 2021 - 30 Jun 2022



Redeem your Dine & Discover Vouchers at The Art House!

We are thrilled to be able to accept Service NSW Dine & Discover vouchers here at The Art House. Here are a few FAQs that will help with your purchase.

How do I use my voucher at The Art House?    
Both Dine and Discover Vouchers can be redeemed on any ticket, gift voucher, or café purchase at The Art House.
Vouchers can be redeemed online on the payment page, via phone or visiting our Box Office in person (office hours 10am-4pm Monday to Friday). 

  • Online – please enter the 9 digit code (appearing below the QR code on your voucher) on the payment page by clicking on the link ‘Want to redeem a Dine & Discover voucher?’. This code can be a mix of letters and numbers.
  • At the counter we will scan the QR code on your voucher as well as writing down the code for our records.
  • Over the phone we will ask for the 9 digit code that appears below the QR code on your voucher. 

If using the Service NSW app, be mindful that the codes refresh every 10 minutes so it will have to be live on your phone at the time of booking.

How do I get my vouchers if I do not have a mobile device or email address, or I have no internet access?
If you do not have a mobile device or email address, or you're unable to apply online, you can call 13 77 88 or visit a Service NSW Centre to apply for the vouchers.

Can I use my voucher to purchase tickets at the door at show time?
No. Vouchers can only be redeemed in advance during office hours, and cannot be used for door sales 1 hour prior to a performance.

How many vouchers can I redeem at once?
You can redeem 1 voucher per person per day. However, you can combine your voucher with another person's voucher towards the same transaction. This is part of the Service NSW terms and conditions. More information can be found on the Service NSW Website.

Can I use a Dine & Discover Voucher and an Art House Gift Voucher in the same transaction?
No. Our system does not allow us to redeem both Dine & Discover and Art House vouchers in the same transaction.
 If you would like to use both at once please call our Box Office or visit us in person and we will split your order into 2 transactions. Please note this is only possible when purchasing more than 1 ticket, and may require credit card payments on each transaction to cover the remaining amount – no fees will apply.

What if I want to cancel my ticket purchased with a voucher?
All vouchers are non-refundable and can only be used once. Our Refund and Exchange policy can be found here, which includes COVID specific conditions for ticket purchases. 

Am I able to use my voucher towards tickets I have already purchased?
No. Once tickets are purchased the transaction is final. Please let our Box Office staff know that you would like to use your voucher before processing any payment.

Can I use my voucher for tickets to a show happening after the voucher expiry date: 30th June 2022?
Yes. The vouchers themselves expire on 30th June 2022, but can be redeemed towards any show that is currently on sale irrelevant to the date. This includes all shows after 30th June 2022.

Can I use a voucher if the total transaction is less than $25?
Yes, but the remaining balance is forfeited and you will not be able to use the voucher again.

I purchased tickets using vouchers and the show has been cancelled due to COVID, what happens then?
If your show has been affected by COVID restrictions and you are obtaining a refund, all Dine & Discover amounts will be converted into an Art House Gift Voucher valid for 3 years. The remaining balance of your purchase will be refunded to the method it was paid.