Art Exhibtion: George Gilmour - Disappearing Reef

4 Jul - 29 Jul 2022 Showing at The Art House Foyer Exhibition Space

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Process: Collagraph Prints (16 plates)

Paper: Fabriano Rosapina

Ink: Graphic Chemicals

"I remember the first time I visited The Great Barrier Reef in the 1980s, the sensory overload of colour, shape and movement. It was awe-inspiring, and it was Australian.

As an Australian printmaker who has lived near the coast most of his life, the sea has shaped my life and inspires my creative practice. In Disappearing Reef I seek to draw attention to the significant human impact on the Great Barrier Reef. The serene thalo blue invokes the once pristine reef drawing our attention to the spectre of coral bleaching and all of the ensuing consequences for the reef as an ecosystem. We must act to mitigate climate change.

Once the coral is dead, the reef will die and erode — habitat will be destroyed... Time is running out."


The Art House Foyer Exhibition Space
The Art House
Wyong NSW 2259

Important Information

Showing in our Foyer Exhibition Space Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM free of charge.