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Art Exhibition: ANZAC Day Portraits 2020

20 Apr - 7 May 2021 Showing at The Art House Foyer Exhibition Space




When our Veterans stood silently alone in remembrance.

All community activities in 2020 had been significantly impacted by COVID 19 and the Central Coast was in Stage 3 lockdown which meant no more than 5 people at a gathering. The ANZAC Day Memorial Services were cancelled.

"I was commissioned by the Central Coast Council to photograph a portrait of a Veteran in the comfort of their own home adhering to social distance on Anzac Day morning at 5.30am.
It came to mind that there were many more Veterans isolated at home, so with the help of Leasha Craig who facilitated the meetings, we set off over the course of the year to photograph some of the remaining Central Coast Veterans through a glass window or door frame, keeping in mind the 1.5 metre distance required to photograph them on those quiet, still isolated mornings and to share with you where they were on ANZAC Day 2020.
This photography exhibition will give a personalised face to local Veterans and their stories, honouring their courage and bravery.
It is my hope that this ANZAC Day Portrait 2020 series taken during Covid 19 shines a light on the Veterans and the Returned Services League and that it shares powerful stories of the men and women who served their Country."
Full list of Veterans being exhibited:
Milton Porter  Bob Ihlein  Terry Sexby 
Michael Tobone  Peter Whyllie  Peter White 
Jim Burke  Greg Mawson  Chris Leonard 
Charlie Hankin  David Prizeman  Laurie Shaw 
Peter  Graham  Luke Hill (with service dog) 
John Kuchta  Des Foster  John Paine 
Chris Stone  Luke Grogan  Paul Osborne 
Norm Whyburn  Len Ellis  Bob Purcell 
Mario Videll  Chad Elliott  Kervern Rowe 
Wes Weir  Ian Hutchinson  Malcolm Brian 
Stephen Karsai  Geoff Turner  Ken Joyce 
Larry Searle 3 extra from Ettalong Diggers  


The Art House Foyer Exhibition Space
The Art House
Wyong NSW 2259

Important Information

Exhibition on display in The Art House Foyer
Viewing times Monday to Friday 10AM - 4PM