Carolyn Griffiths, Leeanne Livens, Michael Kelliher presents

Art Exhibition: Three Ways of Seeing

15 Apr - 17 May 2019 Showing at The Art House Foyer Exhibition Space




Three Ways of Seeing is an exhibition by three Central Coast Artists, exploring art that evokes our connection to the natural world. While approaches differ the overwhelming commitment to their style and mediums is evident through a vast combination of colour, form and interpretation.

The exhibition takes place at the Art House Foyer from 15 April – 17 May and the opening reception is on Friday 26 April from 6-8pm.

Artists Carolyn Griffiths, Leeanne Livens and Michael Kelliher go beyond mere documentation, towards an investigation into the spirit of nature, scratching below the surface to expose its tactile being. After reflecting on the contours and complex intersections of vegetation, water, undergrowth, waves and vistas, you observe the textures, bulk and shapes within the artworks. Bringing together contrasting styles gives the viewer an opportunity to feast on a variety of creative processes, representing abstract and impressionist styles to entice the viewer.

Artist Statements

Carolyn’s paintings and digital works characterise a feeling of nature’s moods and a sense of ordered disorder. Her digital works with trees and water particularly represent endurance, exposing the rugged forms as natural sculptures in themselves. The natural world for me emanates a timeless presence. Carolyn’s works explore natural forms that are organic and multi-layered, working towards composition with strong colour, line and texture. Her paintings are textured to reflect the coarse intensity and delicacy of rock, tree, plant or water.

Michael Kelliher’s paintings reflect his uncomplicated approach to mark making. Palette knife is Michael’s preferred method of applying paint to canvas, mixing his colours with depth, beauty and true abstract chaos. His oil pastel pieces are unusual and employ differing techniques to his oil painting. Each colour forms its own boundary and has its own defined space.

Leeanne Livens is a pastel artist driven by shape, form and colour. Light is the source and inspiration of reflected colours and textures best captured through Leeanne’s love of landscapes and still life.

The immediacy, strength of pigment as well as the delicacy of pastel has inspired an impressionistic style and a willingness to follow from where the painting leads. By applying multiple layers to Leeanne builds and constructs luminous pastel works. She examines depth, bold colour and composition within her chosen subject.



The Art House Foyer Exhibition Space
The Art House
Wyong NSW 2259


Mon 15 Apr 2019 - OPENS

Fri 17 May 2019 - CLOSES

Important Information

View this exhibition from 10AM - 5:30PM Monday - Friday and for one hour before scheduled performances