Salt House Theatre Company

The Three Amigos

Friday 16 Jun
Saturday 17 Jun
Showing in the Theatre
Pricing Information
Child (12 & under)
Adult Group (Min 10)

Set in 1916, ¡Three Amigos! is the tale of three excellently named silent-movie stars - Lucky Day (Ethan Dale), Dusty Bottoms (Jayden Gobbe) and Nerrida 'Ned' Nederlander (Emily Mann) - who have their contract terminated and head to Mexico to put on a show for a village. Problem is, the confused stars have actually been hired to rid Santo Poco of a deadly bandit named El Guapo (Ryan Bates). ¡Three Amigos! is whip-smart, containing inspiring slapstick and wordplay, it's also spectacularly silly, taking in such surreal delights as a singing bush, a plethora of piñatas and a villain whose henchmen gift him a woolly sweater.


¡Three Amigos! has a warmth that's nothing to do with the blazing desert sun. Even the bad guys are lovable, while the lead trio have the kind of easy chemistry which can't be faked.

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