The Art House Presents

A Town Named War Boy

By Ross Mueller An Australian Theatre for Young People Production
Thursday 5 Apr
Friday 6 Apr
10AM (School groups will be in attendance)
Showing in the Theatre
Pricing Information

“We hit Cairo like a train! … Every dirty little alley, every dusty back room bar - the pyramids are marvellous, but I could spend the rest of my days quite happily in the arms of your temptation.”  

Based on the State Library of NSW’s jaw-dropping collection of First World War diaries, photographs and letters, A Town Named War Boy brings to life the personal accounts of the young men that set sail for the far side of the world. 

Some of these diaries and letters are finished, others just stop. When you read them you meet the person, see the changes in their hand-writing, feel the indentation of the pen, the smudges of changed thoughts. 

Award winning playwright Ross Mueller shows his extraordinary talent in this funny and moving play that sold out in its premiere Sydney season and provides “the most moving Anzac experience of all.” – The Australian

Developed and presented in partnership with the State Library of NSW


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